All About Eyeliner Embroidery: Overview, Risks and Types

Are you going to have your makeup done for good? You may despise applying eyeliner regularly. At the same time, you might not be able to draw it as accurately as you would like, or you could hate the never-ending quest to get the ideal wing. Whatever your reason, eyeliner embroidery may be able to provide a solution. As a result, in this piece, you will learn all you need to know about eyeliner embroidery in Singapore. Not only from the method but also from how long it takes and, perhaps most crucially, how long it lasts.

Is eyeliner embroidery the same as getting a tattoo?

First and foremost, it is essential to note that permanent eyeliner is not permanent. Instead, it is semi-permanent. Keeping this in mind, it is considered permanent because the micro-pigment will remain in the skin indefinitely. Colour and visibility, on the other hand, will degrade with time. Overall, the method differs from tattooing in that micro-pigment is placed in the skin’s outermost layer.

To go further, tattoo ink used for body tattooing has a different formula than cosmetic ink. For starters, the ink used for body tattooing typically includes more metals, letting it penetrate deeper into the skin and provide a lasting impression.

Are there any risks?

Besides the differences in colours and procedures, the preparation work is similar to that of any other tattoo. As a result, it entails the same dangers and concerns as a standard body tattoo.

In general, customers should cease taking any blood thinners five days before the procedure, including aspirin, fish oils, and certain vitamins, to avoid any unnecessary bleeding.

At the same time, if clients want Botox or treatments around the eyes, they should schedule them before getting eyeliner embroidery. They should also guarantee that it is fully healed for at least two weeks.

You should also avoid doing this procedure if you are pregnant, diabetic, or have conditions that impact the immune system or wound healing.

As a result, if you are already on medication, it is best to consult your doctor before starting. For example, if you use Accutane (or other retinoids), you must wait at least six months before beginning any eyebrow, eyeliner, or lip embroidery.

What styles are there?

Eyeliner embroidery styles are often divided into three groups.

The first form, which is the most natural-looking, is known as inner eyeliner, which consists of micro-pigments injected between layers of your eyelashes, causing your lash line to darken.

The second kind is traditional eyeliner, with micro-pigments injected above your lash line (think how you would generally draw your eyeliner). It is popular among ladies who want that cosmetic appearance without the effort of applying it every day.

Luminous or soft shadow eyeliner is the third kind. Micro-pigments, like traditional eyeliner, are applied above the lash line, but they differ in that they produce a mysterious, dark effect on the upper eyelids that gradually fades towards the wing. This one-of-a-kind appearance is created by combining powdery colours with pigmentation. This type of eyeliner necessitates microscopic and accurate micro-pigmentation and a steady pair of hands.

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