Cleaning Techniques for Vintage Jewellery and Others

Cleaning Techniques for Vintage Jewellery and Others

Introduction –

Just like our combs, clothes, and shoes, our jewellery also becomes dirty and grimy, and dust and dirt get collected on it, either on the front (if it’s a complex design with small holes) or on the back, i.e., where you have the latch. Also, our finger rings get dirty from the inside due to factors like cream, moisture, and dirt from the skin. So, it is very important to clean our jewellery frequently and to take care of it. And, we also have to make sure that we don’t use water on the jewelleries as it can make its colour dull and we can even lose the shine from our jewellery.

First Dry Clean Your Jewels with Brush –

Many people have queries regarding how to clean antique jewelry. Just like any other jewels, vintage jewellery should also be cleaned and taken care of. Whether your vintage jewellery is gold or silver, the first and foremost thing that you should do is use a toothbrush and other sizes of eyebrow brushes and other tools to clean the grime out of it. After you have cleaned the grime out of it, what remains is the bad smell. For that, you will have to wash it. If its gold in colour, then keep the jewel in a cup of water, take some Rin Soap, like put the brush on the soap and with that lather clean the vintage gold ornament, don’t overdo it, just lightly. Then, take another bowl of clean water and clean your jewellery, and it will shine.

Use paste for silver jewellery, and don’t use perfumes.

If it’s a silver jewel, then you can follow the same procedure for it. First, dry clean it, then use the same method mentioned above. If you want to add some lustre to it.If it’s a silver-plated item or silver, then one of the best ways to bring shine back to it is to use a Colgate white paste (not gel paste or some other paste) and scrub your silver jewellery with it. It will bring back the shine on it. And, if it’s pure gold jewellery, you can first dry clean the grime from the back and the front and from the designs in it, and then you can wash it with a Rin soap lather, which should be on the brush. (Don’t go to the extent of using a Rin soap bar over the gold trinket; I hope you don’t.) Then wash it off. Don’t use perfumes on the gold jewels and silver trinkets if they smell bad; just wash them off. Perfumes can tarnish the shine and colour of the jewellery because of their chemical components. And later, your trinkets would smell worse.

Never Use Water on Pearl Jewellery

Besides that, if your antique jewellery consists of pearls, then don’t ever use water to clean it. Just dry clean it, as the water can take off the layers of the pearl and also affect its shine. The same applies to some of the stones’ jewellery too. If you submerge your stone jewels in water and wash it with soap, then it can happen that the stones have chances of coming out, unless it is held tightly with some metals surrounding it. And, don’t use lemons to clean your vintage trinkets, as it will ruin their colour and cause rust. When washing with water your silver plated or silvers then make sure to dry it well – also air dry it. Plus, use a soft cloth for cleaning your jewellery.

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