Hand Tattoo Ultimate Guide – What to Know

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A tattoo is something that represents one’s desire to get something permanently etched onto their body. It can be a memorable date, something meaningful in the form of art, designs, and sentences, and also names of dear ones. Hands and feet are the regions where some memorable things are etched in the form of tattoos.

Hand tattoos are in great demand today. Apart from body tattoos, hand tattoos are something that will be always visible and reflect the actual interests of people that have them.

However, while going through the collection of temporary hand tattoos, you should understand that the first tattoo artist that you find is not the best one in the field.

Tattoo Culture

Studies have shown that having a tattoo in some cultures is like something important in their life, whereas some cultures detest having tattoos on the skin. If you are someone, who likes having tattoos on their hand, then you should understand that it will not be welcomed everywhere that you travel or even decide to stay.

Cost of Tattoo

The cost for the tattoos will be decided based on their dimension, the place where they are etched, the complication of drawing the tattoo, and whether there is an inclusion of colors to the tattoos. The precision required for drawing the tattoo will also determine the overall cost of the tattoo.

The method of applying ink into the dermis, and the depth to which the ink is etched onto the skin altogether will determine the time required for the complete healing of the wound. The tattoo artist that you hire will determine the final cost based on all these above-mentioned factors.

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Tattoo Factors

Here are some things that you should understand before going for a hand tattoo. 

· Maintenance

Once the tattoo heals, you should go to your tattoo artist again for the retouch. Some artists will offer a free retouching option, whereas some artists might cost you extra if the tattoo looks worn out or even faded.

· Ideas for the Design

The available options in the world of tattoo designs are infinite. You can find traditional options, old-school designs, waves, and dots, organic tattoos, spiritual themes, proverbs or words, dates of some events, and so on.

Some designs are ideal as hand tattoos whereas some are fit just as a body tattoo. Make your choice wisely.

· Best Hand Tattoo Artist

Hand tattoos are something that will be visible all the time, and hence should be done by an experienced person. The hand tattoo should be something that you love having and also will not mind when others see them.

These are the things that you will look at all the time, and hence should be done by no one but an experienced one.

The important factor to consider while going for a hand tattoo is to give it a test run. This is done by using something that stays temporarily on your body as the tattoo ink such as henna, temporary tattoo ink, and so on. Go for a test run and decide what is the best option for you.

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