Top styles for jackets, cardigans and pullovers for women

Jackets, cardigans & pullovers for women command our styles when it comes to a winter wardrobe. They are the essential outfits that women prefer to accessorise in winters, yes, but certain jackets and cardigans can be styled all around the year as well. So if you’re someone who wants to start stocking up on a winter wardrobe now at slash prices or love to style some of it all around the year, this article is very much for you!

Jackets, cardigans and pullovers are easy to carry as well. With the right choice of fabric, colour and style of jackets, cardigans and pullovers you can be elegant in any winter wear.

Vero Moda brings you a trendy collection of jackets, cardigans and pullovers for women. Here is a list of different styles of jackets, cardigans and pullovers for you to try out.

Jackets for women:

Jackets for women have a wide range of variety depending on their fit and the fabric. While some jackets are your ultimate choice for warmth in wintry weather, others will give you a chic look all around the year, no matter what season you wear them in. 

One of the classic kinds of jackets for women is the denim jacket. They have remained evergreen through decades. You can easily top a denim jacket over shirts, tops, jeans or even skirts if you like to keep it casual.

Try some snug-fit leather and bomber jackets to grab everybody’s attention. You may also try cropped jackets for an edgy look. 

Put on a vibrant quilted jacket when you are outdoor in cold and heavy wintry weather. They are good to keep you warm in winter. 

Cardigans for women:

Cardigans for women give away a homely vibe. They are soft and snuggly to be in. Cardigans are perfect on a cold day with a hot coffee by your bedside. However, this does not mean cardigans are not outside. Of course, you can style a full-sleeved cardigan with jeans as well as a skirt. Top them easily over any shirt or t-shirt. 

Different styles and patterns of cardigans are available for you. You have buttoned, boyfriend, cropped and draped cardigans. While cropped cardigan gives you a snugged fit, boyfriend cardigans are meant to be boxy and loose. You can wear cropped cardigans over t-shirts and shirts with a pair of snug jeans. For boyfriend cardigans, try pairing them with shorts and mini skirts to be sizzling. 

Unlike the previous two, draped cardigans have open cuts in the front and drape loosely around the body. Keep it casual with a tight t-shirt and jeans by topping a drape cardigan over them. 

Pullovers for women:

It is easy to look like a fashionista while you are in a pullover. Unlike cardigans and jackets, most pullovers or sweaters never open in the front. They fit you like full-sleeved t-shirts which you can pull over the head.

One of the significant types of pullovers is the turtleneck. It is quite popular in the west. The neck of the pullover is designed to make your head appear like a turtle. Turtlenecks come in solid colours like red, brown and white. It is easy to style a turtleneck pullover with a pair of tapered jeans and boots.

Put on a turtleneck this winter to be trendy.

VERO MODA has an extensive collection of jackets, cardigans and pullovers. Get to the website now and start shopping.



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